Soulwinning Course

Personal evangelism is every Christian’s responsibility, and this course will prepare you to be a better witness!  The course includes a book, workbook, and a set of three audio CDs.  You will be challenged to pray for the lost, pass out … Read More

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Simple Soulwinning Steps CD Set

Personal evangelism is the duty of every Christian. The salvation of lost souls was the primary mission of Jesus during His ministry, and it ought to be a priority in our lives too. Although sharing our faith should be natural, … Read More

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Adventures in Africa

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live on a mission field in Africa? Now you can know! The Olson family served as missionaries to Zambia for ten years. Life for them was anything but dull! Learn about … Read More

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Money by the Book

Have you ever wondered what God has to say about finances? It’s time to learn the proven principles of Scripture concerning money management. Money by the Book provides Biblical solutions for you and your money. Chapters on contentment, giving, saving, … Read More

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Simple Souwlinning Steps

Few things that we do in life will count more for eternity than winning souls to Christ.  Although evangelizing the lost should be natural, sometimes it can be intimidating. In Simple Soulwinning Steps, you will discover that God promises His … Read More

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Brighter Days Ahead

Nobody is exempt from heartaches and hardships.  Even great heroes of the faith battled their emotions.  Throughout the history of the world, people have battled grief, discouragement, fear, and anxiety.  When handled correctly, trials can draw us closer to the … Read More

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Understanding the King James Bible

Finally—a concise but comprehensive book on the issue! This is a must for everyone who wants to know why we should use the King James Bible. If you struggle with the old English words of the King James Bible, this … Read More

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Sermon Notebook

Tired of not having a spare piece of paper to take notes? This little book fits easily in most Bible covers and can be carried to every service. Complete with lined pages and subject headings! Best of all, a place … Read More

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Meditations on the 23rd Psalm

One of the most beloved Psalms still has the power to strengthen and comfort another heart—yours. Do what millions have done and commit this cherished psalm to memory. Thoughtful meditation of each verse will assist you in memorizing this passage … Read More

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Simple Soulwinning Steps Workbook

Designed to be used as a companion with the book Simple Soulwinning Steps and the 3 CD Set, this workbook will provide guidance in completing a six-week soulwinning course.  The course has two levels:  Beginner and Advanced.  Each week, you will … Read More

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