Soulwinning Course

Personal evangelism is every Christian’s responsibility, and this course will prepare you to be a better witness!  The course includes a book, workbook, and a set of three audio CDs.  You will be challenged to pray for the lost, pass out … Read More

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Simple Soulwinning Steps CD Set

Personal evangelism is the duty of every Christian. The salvation of lost souls was the primary mission of Jesus during His ministry, and it ought to be a priority in our lives too. Although sharing our faith should be natural, … Read More

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Simple Souwlinning Steps

Few things that we do in life will count more for eternity than winning souls to Christ.  Although evangelizing the lost should be natural, sometimes it can be intimidating. In Simple Soulwinning Steps, you will discover that God promises His … Read More

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What’s Next? Instructor’s Man.

If you are looking for a teaching outline to use for a new believer’s class, look no further.  This manual contains three parts:  a teaching outline, copy of the What’s Next? textbook, and answer key to the What’s Next? Study Guide.   … Read More

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Understanding the King James Bible

Finally—a concise but comprehensive book on the issue! This is a must for everyone who wants to know why we should use the King James Bible. If you struggle with the old English words of the King James Bible, this … Read More

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What’s Next?

Have you been looking for just the right discipleship materials? Consider using What’s Next? with your new converts. This book contains important truths that all new believers need to know to get started in their new relationship with God. While … Read More

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Simple Soulwinning Steps Workbook

Designed to be used as a companion with the book Simple Soulwinning Steps and the 3 CD Set, this workbook will provide guidance in completing a six-week soulwinning course.  The course has two levels:  Beginner and Advanced.  Each week, you will … Read More

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What’s Next? Study Guide

This companion workbook enables new believers to get the most out of What’s Next? Presenting a discipleship book to new converts often does very little to help them unless they are challenged to use it. That’s where the What’s Next? … Read More

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