Recovery Program Sampler

If you are interested in starting a recovery program, purchase the Sampler.  After reviewing the Procedure Manual and our curriculum, you will be ready to get started.  The Sampler includes one copy of each of the following:  Procedure Manual, First Aid, Urgent Care: … Read More

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Intensive Care

Order 20 or more and receive a $1 discount.

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Procedure Manual

The Help4U Recovery Program was designed to assist like-minded Baptist churches with a tool to reach the lost and strengthen believers. As our society has drifted further from God, we find that people’s lives are filled with sin, sorrow, and … Read More

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Recovery Prog. Records CD

The Records CD contains ten forms that are used in the Help4U Recovery Program.  The Procedure Manual provides detailed record keeping instructions, describing how each form is used.   The original purchaser of the CD is allowed to make unlimited copies for class … Read More

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What’s Next?

Have you been looking for just the right discipleship materials? Consider using What’s Next? with your new converts. This book contains important truths that all new believers need to know to get started in their new relationship with God. While … Read More

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Urgent Care

After First Aid, students in the Recovery Program move to Urgent Care: ER. This book provides the official introduction to our program. It includes God’s promise of help, our prayer for help, and the program’s plan for help. The goal … Read More

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Meditations on the 23rd Psalm

One of the most beloved Psalms still has the power to strengthen and comfort another heart—yours. Do what millions have done and commit this cherished psalm to memory. Thoughtful meditation of each verse will assist you in memorizing this passage … Read More

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First Aid

Serving as the first book to the Help4U Recovery Program, this little resource is packed with truths most needed by those overtaken by sin. When someone is hurt physically, he needs first aid; and when people are spiritually suffering, they … Read More

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