Intensive Care

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Understanding the King James Bible

Finally—a concise but comprehensive book on the issue! This is a must for everyone who wants to know why we should use the King James Bible. If you struggle with the old English words of the King James Bible, this … Read More

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What’s Next?

Have you been looking for just the right discipleship materials? Consider using What’s Next? with your new converts. This book contains important truths that all new believers need to know to get started in their new relationship with God. While … Read More

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Sermon Notebook

Tired of not having a spare piece of paper to take notes? This little book fits easily in most Bible covers and can be carried to every service. Complete with lined pages and subject headings! Best of all, a place … Read More

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What’s Next? Study Guide

This companion workbook enables new believers to get the most out of What’s Next? Presenting a discipleship book to new converts often does very little to help them unless they are challenged to use it. That’s where the What’s Next? … Read More

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